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30 Years of Experience

We are a Division of the TDHI Group that deals with everything above, below and around the sea. We can conceive, organize or support any product, research, idea and project concerning the sea.

We operate directly throughout the EMEA region, but thanks to our partners, we can operate equally effectively worldwide.

We love the sea, ecology, research and the beauty that surrounds the world of the sea.

We transform all our love and interest for the sea into business. Not only for companies operating in sectors related to the sea but because without a business, there is no ecology and no protection and maintenance of the seas.


We can help the market.

DH GROUP USA and DH&CO ADVISORS have devised a project for our Division. The project aims to help any company that works "in the sea or for the sea". 


To choose the best companies, we can offer the services of our Division at lower costs to bring our customers to international markets.

Being able to access the TDHI Recovery & Development FUND, we have the opportunity to make exciting proposals. And constructively, companies in the sector will be able to choose the proposal they consider most interesting. 


We offer companies to choose us as advisors or partners and promote their products.

Helping them not only sell but sell better by creating legal strengths with customers and their suppliers. Often the best strategy to sell is not only to have valuable or exciting products for the market but to know how to communicate and produce them with lower costs and the same quality. 


We often find ourselves advising customers on how to produce or design better, communicating in the market for them modernly with the result of selling more.

Merchant ports

Do you want to buy a cargo port? Do you want to sell a cargo port? Do you want to create a new one? Talk to us, and we will help you with your needs.

Sea ​​and new technologies

We support researchers and companies that deal with nanotechnologies, ecology, purification systems, development systems and research related to the sea.

Port at Marseilles

Yacht Club and marine

 We can assist buyers and sellers, we can furnish and set up a yacht club, we can help keep members and increase them and much more.

Our Professional Crew

magri foto  003   2019 11.jpg

Dr Paolo MAGRI


Gediminas MACKELIS

General project manager

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