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TDHI Sea Division

Do you want to design and build a marina or port? We will find you the location, obtain the licenses, carry out the preliminary project, and then the executive one, build it and deliver it to you. You will have a single interlocutor, and we will care for everything else. 


Do you want to sell a motorboat or a new "object" to navigate in the sea or under the sea on the market? We take care of the marketing, the investment memorandum, the application, and the idea, and we see the product in the world for you. 


Do you want a yacht to be leased or rented? We find the best solution in the world for you.

Write to us in detail about what you need, and we will get back to you. 


Do you need to renovate the furnishings and technical equipment of a small or large seaport? We design, produce the furniture, install it, and, if you want, we also organize the opening event. 


Do you have a new idea for the fashion sector dedicated to the sea? We can produce and sell it for you.

Do you have an IT project dedicated to the sea? We are the ideal consultant. 


We could continue, but the simplest thing: is to write to our secretariat for the international market,,  or Italian market about what you are looking for or what you propose, and the Division will write to you about what it can do for you.


Write us the link to the website of the company of your professional studio or send your presentation attached to your request.

​As for all the Divisions of TDHI Group, write what you are looking for or need, and we will tell you what we can do for you.

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A yacht club becomes exclusive when it can offer services that other clubs cannot.

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